While studying for an MA degree in Art History, I specialized in Architecture and Historic Interiors. During that time I spent four months as assistant to the late and greatly missed Gervase Jackson-Stops, architectural adviser to the National Trust, and this was the most amazingly interesting time. We dealt with any matter of historic interior and architectural questions, often considering issues that arise when properties are open to the public. 


In 1994 I started work with the renowned Alec Cobbe, who is well known in the field of country house interiors, from arranging picture collections to designing traditional exhibition furniture and the use of historical colours; anything to do with traditional interiors. Together, we worked on a number of stately homes such as Goodwood, Harewood and Petworth and also worked for The Royal Collection at Holyroodhouse, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. For English Heritage we redecorated four of the main rooms at Kenwood House, London and we designed a library for Eton College. Over the years, most of our projects were featured in magazines like Country Life and The World of Interiors.


Beside being part of the overall design process, I took charge of all fabric related matters, so in my present work my academic background and historical knowledge come together with these years of experience, together with a passion for curtains and anything made up of fabric, which I've had ever since I can remember.


I do a lot of the making up myself, so each project is approached with understanding, skill and a huge respect for that wonderful thing that is the English country house interior.

Often, the effect that my clients and I are after is that whatever is added to a room blends in so well that it looks as if nothing was touched.